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What To Do Before Your Pup Goes Missing

It was a beautiful Spring day in Ohio. My friend Kim bathed her Yorkies then took them outside to get some fresh air while she cut their nails and trimmed their hair. She groomed Kobe first then let him play in the yard while she worked on another dog. When she was done and went to take them back in the house, Kobe was gone.

And sadly he is still missing.

I always try to learn something from every tragedy I experience so something good comes out of it. And I learned a lot from this one.

One thing I learned is that there are things you can do before your pup ever goes missing that will help you find them if it happens.


The most important thing you can do to help you be reunited with your pup is to GET THEM CHIPPED!!! So if your pup isn’t chipped stop reading this right now and call your vet for an appointment to have it done. I’m being serious. Do it right now!!!

And don’t forget to REGISTER IT!!!

A microchip isn’t a locator and the registry isn’t a tracking service but they are important tools that let the person who finds your pup get in touch with you. A chip also helps you prove a pup is yours to whoever finds him/her in case there is a question about it.


If you’re anything like me you take a zillion pics of your Yorkie. And while I’m sure they’re all adorable, how many show what your pup really looks like?

Always have current pics of your pup that clearly show their full face. You should also take pics of their full-body that accurately show their coloring and any unique markings. If you don’t have any then it’s time for a photoshoot.

Neighborhood Apps

Neighborhood apps are a great way to let your community know to be on the lookout for your pup and to find out if someone spotted or has your lost dog. Figure out which ones are most used in your area and install them on your phone now so they’re already there if you need them.

As soon as your pup goes missing check the app to see if anyone posted about them and if not, post that your dog is missing.

Facebook Groups

Every town has a local “moms” or “parents” group on Facebook. Most also have local dog groups including some that are just for lost and found pets. Join them all now so you don’t have to search for them if you need them in an emergency.

Security Cameras

Install security cameras outside of your home. If you didn’t see your pup get out, home the cameras can help you pinpoint the time they went missing and the direction they went which will help in your search.

The Ring system even has a neighbors app that would let you reach out to your neighbors and ask them to check to see if their camera saw your dog which could make it easier to find them.

I hope you never need to use these suggestions but if you’re like me, knowing you’ve done them will give you peace of mind.

If you have any information about Kobe (pictured above) PLEASE let me know and I will put you in touch with his mom Kim.

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