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Understanding Common Liver Disorders in Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are among the dog breeds most at risk for liver shunts so I thought it was important that I include information about liver shunts on my site.

Since I have never had a dog with a shunt myself (thankfully) I can’t write about my experience or make any suggestions for treatment or care so I started doing a deep dive into the medical facts so I could write about them. But the more I learned, the more I felt that I didn’t know and I quickly realized that I couldn’t do the topic justice. So instead of me trying to explain something I don’t have the background to intelligently discuss, I decided to post the most comprehensive source I could find in it’s original form.

This information was written by Dr. Karen Tobias who is an internationally acclaimed expert on portosystemic shunts and is posted with permission.

You can find the original here:

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