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Let’s Talk Yorkie

The adult Yorkshire Terriers pictured here are not for sale; they are part of our family and our breeding program. To learn more about this breed…

The Boys



Our tiny Korean import, Simba, is what some people call an extreme baby doll faced Yorkie but in our house we just call him “The Boss”.


From his thick, dark coat and big round eyes to his gentle ways, Pinch is his dad NikNak’s clone and I am beyond thrilled that he will carry the torch now that
Nik is spending his retirement curled up in my husbands lap.

The Girls



Anyone who thinks Yorkies are “yappy” never met Amelia. This girl is so quiet and I can honestly say that I’ve rarely heard her voice. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t make sure she gets her fair share of kisses and belly rubs because she absolutely does!


This is the face of the worlds best nap buddy. Curling up on the sofa for a little snooze is her favorite thing … and mine too!


After countless hours of pedigree research and generation after generation of carefully planned breedings, this sweet face appeared in my whelping box and I couldn’t be prouder.


Olivia is the mom of the group … not only does she make the rules, she makes sure everyone follows them (especially my husband LOL).


With ads for Yorkie puppies for sale popping up all over the internet, along with enticing websites claiming to sell Yorkie puppies, and scammer pages on social media called things like “Yorkie Puppies for Rehoming and Adoption”, it’s more important than ever to do your homework and not just fall in love with an adorable photo (even one of mine). Head over to the Information page and Blog to get tips on “finding a reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeder” and “how to avoid a puppy scam”.

XO, Susan