My Facebook Page Was Hacked

I know this is an unusual post but I hope you’ll take the time to read it  … although my account had every security feature available enabled, on Sunday, June 11th a hacker took over my personal (Susan Hertz) Facebook account. I immediately made another account and sent the hacker / my original page a private message asking for my page back. They responded the next day (Monday) with the password but wanted $500 for the 2-step authentication code. Of course, I didn’t pay but with the help of everyone who reported the page as hacked (if you are one of them thank you!!!), I was able to get it back anyway. Apparently, that made the hacker mad and that night they not only took my personal page again, but they also changed all of the identifying information (password, phone number, etc.) and then deleted it completely. Because I don’t know what they changed the contact info to, I can’t even find the account now so if I can’t find it, I can’t get it back again. The worst part is that when that happened my Let’s Talk Yorkie page (the one with the blue logo as the profile picture) that I’ve had for my dogs/breeding program for over a decade was left without an “owner”. What that means is that other than commenting on old posts I can’t do anything on the page. I’ve been replying to comments that followers made on old posts to make them aware of what happened but unfortunately, that is making ME (and my new page) look like a spammer and people are ignoring my messages. And making so many comments goes against the terms of service so I keep getting community guideline violations on my new page. For those who will say I should send in my ID or reach out to Facebook please know that they do not have anyone to speak to. The only phone number there is answers with an automated message telling you to go to the online Help Center. They do not have a customer service department. In my case the online help isn’t helpful since my personal page wasn’t just hacked, it was deleted completely. Because Facebook let the hacker into my account without following their own protocols and breached their own terms of service, I filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office in my state. That office forwarded my case to the California Attorney General (because Facebook headquarters is in California) who agreed to look into it. Unfortunately, on October 16th I received a letter from the California AG saying that they reached out to Facebook but haven’t gotten a response so they’re closing my case. And that’s the end of that. I’m not getting my page back so I have two choices. I can either leave Facebook or start over. As tempting as it was to just give up and leave, the one thing I’m not is a quitter so …. it’s time to rebuild. The first step is to make everyone aware that on Facebook ….

  • I (Susan J. Hertz) am the same person as Susan Hertz
  • the new Let’s Talk Yorkie page (@letstalkyorkiny) is not a fake or a copy – it is the new, legitimate page for me and my Yorkies
  • I am not ignoring messages on the original LTY page (the one with the blue logo as the profile pic), I have no way to read them or respond
  • the comments made by me (Susan J. Hertz) and my new page (Let’s Talk Yorkie – with the apostrophe in Let’s) on the old page are NOT a scam or being made by a hacker or scammer
  • the new and legitimate page is:
  • my new personal page is:

Since no one is seeing my comments on the old page, the only way for me to reach out to anyone following that page is to send them a friend request from my new account and then invite them to like the new Let’s Talk Yorkie page. So if you received a friend request from Susan J. Hertz it is legitimate and it is me. If you don’t want to accept the friend request that’s fine, but I hope you will “like” the new LTY page.

Why am I writing this? When someone comments on a post on the old page I don’t answer. When they send a private message they get an automated response / away message. So now people trying to contact me either think I’m ignoring them or, because there hasn’t been any activity on the old page for months, that I’m not breeding anymore. So, I’m writing this to go on record and make a public statement about what happened and let everyone know that I am still breeding (and I don’t plan to retire anytime soon).

I started the original page in April 2010 and in the past 13 years I built that community up to over 9,600 Yorkie lovers so to say this is heartbreaking is an understatement. If you were a follower of the old page (and even if you weren’t), I’d love it if you’d visit the new page and give it a like. I know this was a lot so if you’ve read this far THANK YOU!!!


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