How Big Will My Yorkie Puppy Be?



There is no fool-proof method to determining the adult weight of a Yorkie. Your puppy’s adult weight will depend on a number of things. The size of the parents and grandparents, nutrition, and how fast or slow an individual Yorkshire Terrier matures all play a role.

Let’s Talk Yorkie strives for health, first and foremost. Typically our puppies will grow to an adult weight of between 4 1/2 and 6 pounds with most being on the lower end of that range. Ours are still very small dogs but at that size they will not be as fragile as smaller Yorkies and they will retain the beautiful characteristics that made us fall in love with the Yorkshire Terrier breed in the first place. Like all breeders of toy dogs, occasionally we will have a litter of smaller puppies or a litter with a smaller puppy in it. When that happens we take special care in choosing safe forever homes for those puppies.

How To Estimate A Yorkie Pup’s Adult Size

There are 3 ways to estimate how big a Yorkie puppy will be in adulthood:

1. the general guideline is to either triple the puppy’s weight at 8 weeks of age or double its weight at 12 weeks

2. Use this Growth Chart

yorkie growth chart 
How To Use The Growth Chart:

Convert your puppy’s weight to OUNCES (16 ounces = 1 pound)
Find the puppy’s current age in the left column
Follow along that row until you get to the current weight (in ounces)
Follow that column to the bottom of the chart to find the estimated adult weight

3. use an online calculator. This is the one I’ve found to be most accurate.

Please keep in mind that this information is provided as a guideline only since it is impossible to predict a puppy’s exact adult weight with 100% accuracy.