Kid Contract

When I place a Yorkie puppy in a home with children, one of the most important (and fun) things I do is have the kids sign a contract.

Of course I know that having a minor sign a document isn’t legally binding, but the kids take it very seriously and really seem to enjoy being included in the process and that’s good enough for me.

What is a “Kid Contract”?

On the day a puppy goes home and their parents are signing my contract and health guarantee, I include the children by having them sign what I call my Love and Care Contract.

The contract says they will take good care of their new puppy, make sure he has food and water every day, day, brush him, etc.

I go over the contract with the children to make sure they understand what they are signing. This also gives me one last chance to answer their questions and explain how to care for their new pup before they take him/her home.

If the children (and their parents) agree with the terms of the contract (I’ve never had anyone disagree), each child signs at the bottom of the page.

I give the signed contracts to the parents for “safekeeping” to be brought out and gone over again if the children break the agreement. Mom and Dad are thrilled to have some leverage if the children ever break the rules, the children feel very grown-up, and I feel like I did everything possible to ensure a successful placement, so everyone wins!!


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