FDA Warning That Your Dog’s Food May Be Linked To Heart Disease

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I wasn’t going to say anything about this until the investigation was complete and all of the facts were in but the FDA released another report last week that’s been all over the news and social media so now I feel that I have to address it …

Since July 2018, the FDA has been investigating reports of heart disease (canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)) in dogs eating certain pet foods labeled as “grain-free”. For those who don’t know, DCM is a decrease in the ability of the heart to pump blood through the body and it can be life threatening.

On Thursday, 6/17/19 the FDA released an updated report naming specific brands of food that have the highest numbers of reported cases of DCM.

dog food brands reported to FDA in DCM cases

I have seen a lot of misinformation being shared on social media so I want to clearly state that a relationship between these specific foods and heart disease has NOT been PROVEN 100%, the study is still ongoing BUT just to be on the safe side I am recommending that any LTY families and other dog owners who are currently feeding a grain free food should switch their pets food.

My recommendations are:

* LTY pups UNDER 6 months of age can remain on the Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Puppy food they are currently eating

* for pups OVER 6 months and adults I am recommending you switch to: Farmina Natural & Delicious Lamb & Ancestral Low-Grain Mini Breed Formula
farmina ancestral low grain lamb mini breed dog food

PLEASE switch your dog’s food slowly to avoid stomach upset. If you have questions about how to switch foods please let me know.

If your dog has specific dietary needs or you have other questions or concerns please consult your veterinarian.


  1. Gina

    Thanks Susan! We had Ollie on Fromm’s Gold and decided to switch him to Farmina based on your recommendation. We received it yesterday and mixed it with his existing food. I guess he really likes the new stuff because he literally picked the Fromm’s out of the bowl and put it on the rug next to his dish so he could better get at the new food ?

  2. Peggy

    Have changed Buster and Benny months ago to Farmina Lamb. They love it. Even the picky eaters they are. What’s your take on the Cod Pumpkin vs Lamb? Thank you… ?Peggy

    • Susan ~ Let's Talk Yorkie

      I’m so glad they’re enjoying the Farmina! Until the study is completed by the FDA, I’m recommending not feeding grain-free and the Pumpkin formula foods are grain free. I like the Ancestral Grain Lamb because it is lower in protein than the other two flavors and small breed dogs like Yorkies should be fed lower protein.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Lori

    Thank you for the recommendation. Bella is still eating the Royal Canin but I bought the
    Farmina Ancestral lamb and will start her gradually following your recommendation. I love that you are so versed on what’s going on in the pet food industry. I’m reading DOG FOOD LOGIC
    Linda P.Case, M.S. Making smart decisions for your Dog in an Age of Too many choices.
    Bella’s dog trainer is getting her Masters in behavioral science highly recommended this book Thank you for keeping us so informed.
    Bella has become a beautiful, extremely well behaved and sociable pet. Everyone is in love with her beauty and her calm and perfect behavior. We have so much fun with her and she loves to walk 6:30 am and after her dinner. Bella is now ringing the bell to let us know when she needs to potty, play and go for a walk. Vin and I are forever thankful and blessed for our Bella and we love her more and more everyday. ?

  4. Peggy

    I live with n Sarnia Ontario. Do you know where I could get this brand? I’m currently feeding Instinct Raw (lamb) but it is grain free and I’m concerned. I have a yorkie and a mini dachshund.

    • linda cox

      Hi I transitioned my pup to small breed N&D ancestral chicken spelt and pomegranated from the ND puppy he loves it sometimes. They are fussy my joey is 12 years healthy and sammy now 6 months going to be neutered soon always hungry. My puppy is a wild crazy guy potty trained at 10 weeks kicks the dirt want to be like his bro. He didn’t like the lamb . What do you think about Stella and chewy toppers? They stress me out feeding time

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