In the beginning

There was Mon Ami

My first Yorkie experience was with Mon Ami, a holiday gift from my husband, David, the first year we were married (1984). When I learned she was born on our wedding day, it seemed like destiny that she was our ‘first child’.

Before long we realized that the breeder we bought her from hadn’t been honest with us. Mon Ami had an under bite which we were told would correct itself when her adult teeth came in. Nothing changed. Although we were promised she would be 4 to 5 lbs, before her first birthday she weighed well over 7 lbs. 

Mon Ami in 1990.

We’d paid top dollar for what we were told was a “show quality teacup” Yorkie puppy with an elite pedigree but we learned that too was not true. We adored Mon Ami. Despite the fact we hadn’t received what we paid for, wanted or expected, or maybe because of it, our love for Yorkies was born. So was the dream that one day we would breed Yorkies of our own and we’d do it the right way – striving to create the best Yorkshire Terriers possible. We treat our puppy parents with the honesty and respect they deserve, and give them everything they wanted and MORE!

Let's Talk Yorkie is that dream come true!

I am committed to the art of designing Yorkies with stunning faces, healthy bodies, intelligence, and loving dispositions. Creating life is something I take very seriously. My Yorkies come from some of the finest bloodlines world wide and each litter is carefully planned taking into account health and temperament as well as beauty. Time, experience, effort, education and money go into ensuring that your family and your Yorkie puppy will have a long, healthy, happy life together. I stand behind every Let’s Talk Yorkie puppy with a written health guarantee and a lifetime of breeder support.

Our Yorkshire Terrier puppies are born and hand raised in my home on the south shore of Long Island, New York and we consider them part of the family. I nurture them from the moment they take their first breath until the moment you take your puppy home with you. And yes, I do fall in love with each and every one of them so I am very careful to select safe, loving homes for my puppies. It is not uncommon for me to ask potential Yorkie puppy parents more questions then they ask me.

My favorite thing to do is chat about my fur-kids so please feel free to give me a call and Let’s Talk Yorkie!


I just have to tell you that Pino is the best dog in the world!!! My husband never had a pet growing up and I keep telling him he doesn’t understand how amazing this little pooch is. He’s SO smart … he’s potty training AMAZING even in this cold cold weather. He has slept through every single night! He is nothing but pure JOY! We hit the jackpot with this baby boy!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Stefanie L.

Muttontown, NY - December 2016