A Long-Time Breeder’s Thoughts on Parti and Other “Rare” Colored Yorkies

In your quest to find the perfect Yorkie puppy for your family you have probably come across breeders who claim to have rare colored Yorkies like Chocolate Yorkies, Blue Yorkies, Parti Colored Yorkies, Ocean Pearl Yorkies, Sable or Gold Yorkies.

PLEASE do not be fooled by this!

Breeding for and advertising these colors seems to be a way some breeders try to make you think they have something special and convince you to spend a lot of money on one of their puppies. They even have a story they tell about how breeders have found puppies these colors in the whelping boxes of “traditional” Yorkie parents for decades. The story goes that breeders either hid those pups by either culling the litter or giving them away anonymously so I asked one of my mentors. She was 90 years old at the time, had bred Yorkies for over 60 years and her memory and health were failing. Her answer was “I may not remember what I had for breakfast but I darn well would remember if I ever had a white or tri-color puppy and I never did so stop asking me ridiculous questions.”

The sad truth is that these so-called rare Yorkie colors are either:

  • a genetic mutation that, along with producing unusual coat color, is also suspected to produce a variety of health issues


  • the result of breeding a Yorkshire Terrier to another breed of dog so the puppies are mixed breed dogs

Because, in my opinion, it is unethical to intentionally breed for a genetic defect and/or to mislead people into thinking mixed breed puppies are purebred Yorkies, Let’s Talk Yorkie has made the decision to breed only breed standard color Yorkies.


An Important Note About Color in Yorkshire Terriers

By Gale Thompson

The most distinctive characteristic of an adult Yorkshire Terrier is its long
blue and tan silk coat. A puppy is born black and tan, but the only recognized
colors for adults when registering with AKC are blue and gold, blue and tan,
black and gold, or black and tan.

The AKC Breed Standard and YTCA Code of Ethics do not recognize
any other color dogs than noted above. This includes all gold, born blue,
liver (also known as red or chocolate), and parti-colors. One of the reasons
for avoiding breeding “off-colored” Yorkies is because it could be a genetic
defect that may affect the dog’s health. Some health problems can include,
but aren’t limited to, severe skin problems, allergies, total hair loss and in
some cases long-term illness and/or death.

A responsible breeder will not intentionally breed for undesirable traits.
On very rare occasions, a breeder will have a puppy born with a color
anomaly. That puppy should undergo careful health screenings before being
placed in a spay/neuter (non breeding) home. A breeder should certainly
never promote these deviations as being desirable or rare.

There are many issues that potential Yorkie owners need to study before
purchasing their dog. We hope you will read the helpful information at this
web site and make an informed decision. It could very possibly save you
aggravation, disappointment and expense.

We wish you the best of luck
in your pursuit of a happy, healthy Yorkshire Terrier.


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