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Shooter's Cool Site Award
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March 2014

I have been thinking of you so much but just haven't made the time to sit down and catch up. So sorry! Izzy is the most precious, adorable, perfect (well almost) puppy! We are so in love with her, she is such a joy. She terrorizes the kittens. She loves to pull them around by their ears and they just let her do it. I feel like I have three little kids under feet, vying for Mommy's attention. It is wild at the Shea's!! Since David has retired, he is just nuts about Izzy. She can do no wrong and of course she knows Daddy is a push over. She has enriched all our lives so much and I know that we have you to thank. She is priceless.

Love & Long Walks,


November 2013

Dear Susan.

It has been already been 8 months since I brought Madison home and everyday that passes my love for her intensifies. When I initially contacted you I was not certain that I was ready for another puppy, Having experienced the loss of one of these amazing creatures two years prior, it was extremely difficult for me to even begin to contact breeders until I found you. Your kindness, patience, and interest in who would be taking one of your puppies into their lives is the main reason I knew you were the right one. Most breeders unfortunately do not have these qualities.

Shortly after Gracie had Madison and her siblings your life got turned upside down by hurricane Sandy yet you still had a love for these animals that was and still is amazing to me. Most people in your situation would just throw in the towel, but you found the strength to surpass all the destruction and chaos and continue loving your “fur-children”. You were faced with a destroyed house, 3 puppies that were a week old plus the rest of your crew and family and I do not know how you did it but you did it beautifully. The moment that sealed the deal for me was when I met both you and Madison for the first time. Amidst the chaos in your home you still welcomed me into it bare walls and all. I do have to tell you that it was a bit cold in there but the love that immersed from your home and you was enough to warm anyone who entered.

Madison has been a pure joy to have from day one and needless to say I am madly in love with her! I tell everyone that I not only found an amazing breeder who truly cares for all of her dogs and for the breed itself; but I have also gained an amazing friend in the process. All of the support that you have and continue to provide for me at any given moment is priceless. This is why I trust you whole-heartedly and any decision related to Madison no matter how minute it may be I seek out your advice and without hesitation you are always there. Perhaps you do not realize what this means to your customers but it simply equates to tranquility. Your experience and expertise helps to guide your puppy families through this process of adaptation.

Madison and I will forever be grateful to you for bringing us together and for having you in our lives. Love you tons.

Miami, FL


August 2013

Hi Susan,

I honestly have to tell you that you are amazing! I have never had such a wonderful experience! Please know Sophie will be loved, loved, loved. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really felt after Bella died I would never truly be happy again. You have changed my world... We are so luck to have found such a wonderful woman.

Thank you,
Tony and Linda
Manhasset, NY


July 2013

Brooklyn is the most beautiful puppy; her personality is absolutely gorgeous and we love every minute of every day with her in our family. She is with us all the time.....the kids on Alex's baseball team look forward to seeing her at all the practices and the games. She loves people and loves all the action! We all want her to sleep with each of us so we "share" her between Alex and our bed.

Massapequa, NY


April 2013

Hi Susan!

We can't say enough about Oliver. He is so AMAZING and we are so grateful. He has hit all his milestones, he's had all his shots and was neutered two weeks ago with no problems at all. His vet is absolutely in love with him and can't say enough about how healthy and well bred he is. (We have of course shared your name with many). Since the day we got him Susan, he hasn't had one even minor issue. He has been going for several months now to puppy class/socialization and does so well with other dogs, great with people, he's learned all kinds of commands so well. He has gotten a reputation as a little "charmer." He is soooo sweet I can hardly stand it. He is active, curious, so graceful and frankly has a gorgeous physique. I could go on and on - we are so in love! I think he looks a lot like Harley but you would be a better judge of that. Please give our name, numbers, email to anyone you like as a reference.

We feel so incredibly blessed to have found and met you Susan. Oliver has brought more joy than we imagined we could feel. He is a true gift.

Kathleen and Kara



October 2012

Hi Susan,

Mason is and has been absolutely wonderful. We couldn't be happier with our little man. He has fit into our household perfectly and has the right energy level to do everything that we want. He is such a little sporty dog - he loves going for long walks, hanging out at the beach/park or just running around and playing in our backyard with us. He is doing extremely well in the car and has even made the 6 hour trip upstate to visit and meet my grandmother.

Personality wise, he is a huge mush with everyone and especially with little kids. Gerard would deny it, but he is such a Mama's boy. He follows me around everywhere and whenever I lesson plan he likes to curl up on my book bag and sleep right below my chair. (He is actually there right now).

Besides having a great personality and all of the above, he also 'stops traffic'. Whenever we bring him anywhere everyone stops us to compliment us on the cutest dog! People have even pulled over to the side of the road during our walks to ask us about Mason. (We always give shout-outs to you and tell everyone to look at your website)

Thank you for breeding such a wonderful puppy, we couldn't imagine our lives without him.

All the best,
Caitlin and Gerard
Smithtown, NY


May 2012

It’s been almost a year since we first got Oliver from Susan and it is hard to imagine our lives without him. He is an incredibly well-bread, healthy and affectionate dog.

Susan made becoming puppy parents a very positive and enjoyable experience for us. She involved us in every step of the way and did a great job helping us select the puppy that was right for us based on the personality of the puppy’s parents (which are her own pets) and the personality traits she observed from raising the litter. In addition, she went above and beyond by allowing us to visit her house frequently during Oliver's first weeks. This allowed us to bond with Oliver at a very young age and helped ease the transition to his new home.

Even after taking Oliver home, Susan has always been available via phone or email for questions, concerns and advice literally around the clock. She is incredibly responsive and insightful, providing personal experience/know how over a range of issues: which dog food is best (she’s tried them all), which treats work best (ditch that raw hide – even if the vet gives it to you) and how to forgo the wee wee pads and use hospital pads for an indoor potty trained dog!

On a final note, as a NYC bound dog, Susan did a wonderful job socializing/preparing Oliver for the sounds and stresses of the city. From day one, she exposed the puppies to city sounds on TV / recordings. No puppy is put in a cage on its own like in a pet store. The puppies play together and are socialized with the other, older Yorkies.

I highly recommend Susan to any one considering welcoming a little Yorkie into their lives. She is an excellent breeder and a truly caring and amazing person.


Update: Oliver, Cheryl and Matt welcomed Casey into the family in January 2013. Congrats on your 2nd LTY puppy!


April 2012

Dear Susan,

I wanted to thank you for my little cuddle muffin, Gizmo. I can not tell you how wonderful he is! He has helped me through my chemo treatments, when I came home feeling tired and all the other stuff he comes and kisses me and then snuggles right on my belly. He is the best thing that has happened to this family. He makes us laugh at his little antics and he is so smart and quick to learn. He has such a great personality, we had our first spa day and he was such a good boy (I stayed to watch what they were doing) I'm very protective of him LOL. All of my children (all adults) fell in love with him, everyone wants to keep him if we go away, I keep telling them he's coming with me! Thank you for being there when I called frantically when he was not eating. I will send you some updated pictures of Gizmo. He is such a good little boy and we love him to pieces!

Staten Island, NY




February 2012

Thanks again for all of your advise, pretty sweet for a breeder to give a girl advise about a Yorkie she did not even get from that breeder ... again thank you! And if I ever do get Snickers a friend I will be talking to you about that. I recommend you to every person who asks about getting a Yorkie themselves because you are extremely knowledgeable.

Long Island, NY







February 2012









As a child, my brother and I always begged for a dog but we were never allowed to get one since we were a family who was always on the go. As soon as I was done with college in 2008, I started "dog hunting". I had my heart set on getting a Yorkie. Over the years, I visited many pet stores but refused to purchase a dog there due to all the horror stories, puppy mills, sick dogs, horrible environments, etc. I was really hoping to adopt a Yorkie but it just wasn't working out for me. I wasn't finding the "right" fit for me at any of the adoption agencies. Then someone gave me Susan's phone number and told me how wonderful she is with both people and dogs! I looked her up on the Internet, reading through her website and then I immediately called her. After our first phone conversation, I felt that her and her breeding style would be perfect for me. She was very interested in my lifestyle and making sure I would give a good life to one of her puppies. I was thrilled to see how much she cared about her dogs and where they were going to end up and not just about the pay check.

A few weeks later I went to her home to meet her dogs and see the environment these puppies grow up in. I was so impressed by her and her home, where she breeds the dogs. These dogs are not "breeding dogs"- they are HER dogs, HER pets and she treats them like her children. She gave up 2 hours to sit with me, answering any questions I had, concerns I had, and allowed me to play with the pups. I immediately fell in love with one little baby, even though I was planning to purchase a puppy from a later litter. I became obsessed with this one little boy; I had to have him! I also loved the fact that I got to meet both of his parents and even see a picture of one of his grandma puppy over in Europe! You don't get that with a pet store puppy! I went back to visit with "my" little puppy and with Susan a few times before he was old enough to come home with me. Being a puppy-virgin, Susan was extremely helpful in getting me set up and giving me all the information, knowledge and guidance I would need to becomea great Yorkie mommy. She answered the millions of questions I had and gave me so many great resources.

Once I took this little boy home with me, I fell even more in love with him! He is my world! Bait has the best personality and most playful temperament, not to mention he is the cutest thing I've ever laid eyes on! He is extremely friendly and loves both people and other dogs. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him! He is so sweet and loves to be held and cuddled! He gives so many kisses and learned many tricks within a short time period. He makes me smile and laugh all day! I could go on forever about him! Any time I have a question, I know I can call Susan and she will have the perfect answer for me. Now, I brag about Susan and give out her name and number whenever anyone inquires about getting a Yorkie! She is AMAZING!

Thank you Susan for allowing me to become a FURever home to Bait and part of your Lets Talk Yorkie family!

Sayville, NY


January 2012

"Dear Susan,

Just writing to let you know how much love and joy Bentley has brought to our home and especially Valentina. A diagnosis of a deadly Pediatric Cancer for our 5 yr old has given us a lot of pain and sadness. Our Yorkie makes us laugh and smile when we need it most. Valentina loves to cuddle him when she is relaxing her tired body. His puppy personality is fantastic and he is simply stunning...an added bonus! Thank you for allowing us to become "Let's Talk Yorkie" parents to our little guy :-) Keep up the good work!"

Farmingdale, NY





January 2012

"We cannot say enough about our dog, Hunter. He has an amazing temperament, the most loving personality, and has brought so much joy into out lives.. Susan was so helpful during our search for our puppy and has been there for us every step of the way, always available to give advice and support. We cannot thank her enough!!"

Samantha and Brian
Brooklyn, NY







March 2011









"A few years ago I had the terrible misfortune of purchasing a Yorkie puppy with out doing my homework first; sadly Theodore passed away a few months after his 1st birthday from Liver Shunt Disease. It was a horrible ordeal, we did all we could to save his precious little life but in the end we had to let him go. Left broken hearted and distraught I knew it would be impossible to purchase another baby so we poured all our love into his play mate Charlie, who is a year younger then him. Two years passed by and our hearts slowly mended but there was this absence of watching two little Yorkies chasing one another and bringing nothing but pure joy to our life’s. Our little boy Charlie needed someone to play with since the cat only gave him but so much attention. As any Yorkie owner knows once a Yorkie lover always a Yorkie lover so I knew this time I had to do my homework and investigate deep into prospective breeders. One disappointment after another and I was about to give up. I decided I would pray on this and wqait for an answer. Then it comes to me…go to the web-site that helped us through our grieving for Theodore. A website filled with Yorkie experts, owners, breeders and vets. I can’t tell you how many loving Yorkie lovers wrote us and shared stories of their own, complete strangers reaching out and sending us love and support through one of the hardest times in our life’s. Sure enough they had a VERY short list of recommended breeders in our area and this is where we discovered Susan from Lets Talk Yorkie. I knew from our very first conversation that she cared more about finding a good home for her babies than making money. I put on my private investigator hat and went to work! This one was a winner, you know you’re on the right track when you’re on the telephone with a Breeder in Kansas and she highly recommends this breeder in NY. Now all I had to do was convince this woman to let me come out on New Years Eve and bring this precious baby home. Next I needed to convince my daughter to put her evening on hold to come with me on a 3 hour round trip. Susan understood I only had a few vacation days left and I wanted to be home with the new baby to help her adjust to our home and Charlie so she agreed. Trust me this was not easy, first she had to approve of us after asking me several dozen questions in those previous conversations we also needed to see if there was a love connection with the little baby. Don’t even think for a minute that all Yorkies are the same, because each has their own unique personality. Finally we arrive at Susan’s home and we are greeted with hand sanitizer and asked to remove our shoes to keep the germs out. A woman after my own heart both my daughter and I immediately chuckle. After a short conversation she brings out this precious baby girl who instantly flies into my daughter’s arms and it was love at first sight. Our hearts were once again filled and we knew Theodore was looking down on us and smiling. This little bundle of joy, Lexi short for Lexington has been a part of our family for two months now and not a week goes by that we don’t hear from Susan. I consider her a part of my family and know we made the right choice. Thank you Susan for all the love and integrity you put into bringing the sweetest baby Yorkies into this world.

Warmest regards,"
Cheryl R.
Staten Island, NY


February 2011

"I just have to thank Susan for Hulk. I was very worried about finding a good breeder in NY but after talking to Susan, I could tell that she loved her puppies and treated each one like they were her own kids.

From day one Hulk was loved and taken care of before I picked him up and I believe it made his transition with me much easier. He is just so wonderful and yes, he is great with women :) Susan, thank you again for everything!"

Josh K.






January 2011


"I just got on your official website for the first time and I was soooo amazed on how much info and just everything you had up there about Yorkies and your dogs as well. After going through all of it, I had absolutely no questions about anything. You have beautiful dogs and if we decide to get another one I know definitely who to go to."

Leanndra P.




December 2010




"I believe the single most important consideration when buying a dog from a breeder is to make sure that the breeder has integrity. Let me tell you my experience with Susan of "Let's Talk Yorkie".
I live halfway across the country from my seriously ill elderly mother. Her condition has rapidly progressed to the point that she is wheelchair bound and only has sensation and use of one arm. I visit very frequently and during my last visit she was reflecting on the happy memories of her Yorkie she had in her younger years and how she longed to hold one again. She is facing a very difficult surgery in a couple of weeks and I wanted so much help her to make every day count.
I searched for a pet therapy organization but could not find one that would visit a private home, much less have a Yorkie "on staff". I searched the web and had an idea to call a breeder in the area to see if they perhaps knew of more pet therapy organizations. I was immediately drawn to the Let's Talk Yorkie web site. The loving and personal descriptions of the dogs and the happy homes they went to indicated to me that a caring person was involved in the business of breeding these gorgeous dogs.
I e-mailed Susan, she almost immediately called me. She asked me some important questions about my Mom's situation, realized I was running out of time and options and asked me how I would feel if she brought her sweet "Harley" to visit my Mom! This is a woman with integrity and a big heart. She not only brought Harley to sit in Mom's lap but was kind enough to take pictures. My Mom called to tell me she has gotten THREE kisses from Harley and now, even days later, she said she could still feel the warmth and comfort of that little body and his "butterfly kisses". Words cannot express how thankful I am to Susan - it really was the most tangible way to express my love for my Mom; after all, the first Yorkie in our house was my childhood wish fulfilled by my Mom !
Please consider the priceless quality of integrity when making the important choice of choosing a breeder. There just isn't a better person than Susan to help you make your Yorkie wish come true."

Leslie Gainer






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